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Krosus bites the dust - 4/10 Mythic

Tem / Apr 21, 2017
Having managed to get an hour on Krosus on Weds and with the joy of having 20+ signed and ready for Thus, we spent another evening facing the oversized bridge-demon. After a few promising early pulls we suffered a little from pitch and exploding elementals before getting a 1% pull in about 30 mins from raid end. We followed with a nail biting 0.5%, with 5 million of the bosses 3.4 billion health left as he smashed the bridge and killed us. Next pull and with raid end looming, down he went, a second or two before enrage. Queue adrenaline fuelled fist pumps and a great buzz all round!

A really great milestone to take down on what's only our 3rd day of mythic raiding this tier. It is so good to finally be back into the kind of challenging content we haven't been able to face since the demise of old school 10Hc.


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