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3/10 Mythic NightHold, 5 years and counting

Kat / Apr 20, 2017
It's the second week of mythic progression and apparantly, we're doing good.
So, what happened you might ask?

Several weeks ago, we were scraping a bare minimum of 10-13 people per raid. And we pretty much breezed through Nighthold Heroic clearing the place within 2 hours of raiding. The next step is obviosly Mythic, but we need 20 people for that and like mentioned earlier, we weren't getting that many with real life commitments and all that.
So after 'spamming' trade chat, we've came in contact with a bunch of people from the guild Hells Gate, who were stuck on topping over Gul'Dan as a guild.
We decided for a try out raid, their members mixed with us together in a raid.
Being short on healers we pretty much healed the entire (heroic) raid with 3 healers, using only an offspec healer on Gul'Dan.
Needless to say, during the course of the following week all of them joined Definitely Maybe!
That put us back to Mythic raiding (which we lacked for about 1 and a half expansion) and since then, we've been catching up on the guild rank on the server on wowprogress. We leaped from 38 to 24 in the matter of a week.

So yay to us!

oh and also, it was our 5th year anniversary last month!


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