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Tem / Jun 08, 2017

With a whole bunch of holidays and RL commitments we had very little progress time over the last couple of weeks, but two halves of evenings and with a bit of tinkering of P3 tactics this trio hit the sack.On to Augur and soon, the Tomb!

Tem / May 12, 2017

Last week saw us get the kill on mythic Aluriel on our second full night of progress. We re-cleared her this week on night one and then spent the rest of that night and last night on Tichondrius. After a little bit of a painful spree of silly mist...

Tem / Apr 21, 2017

Having managed to get an hour on Krosus on Weds and with the joy of having 20+ signed and ready for Thus, we spent another evening facing the oversized bridge-demon. After a few promising early pulls we suffered a little from pitch and exploding e...

Kat / Apr 20, 2017

It's the second week of mythic progression and apparantly, we're doing good.So, what happened you might ask?Several weeks ago, we were scraping a bare minimum of 10-13 people per raid. And we pretty much breezed through Nighthold Heroic clearing ...

Tem / Apr 13, 2017

No screenshots alas, but happily we managed to get to 20 raiders last night and took out first steps into Mythic Nighthold. Skorpyron fell in a couple of pulls and a few hours later so did Chronomatic Anomaly. Here's to continuing to reach those n...

Kat / Feb 01, 2017

No pictures to commemorate, but we've cleared NH normal in the first week and dipped our toes in Heroics. First evening in heroic we got it down to 3/10, second week we got to 5/10 HC, with no other tries on other bosses.