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Chris(47) real name darren but there were 3 darrens in my army unit, too many for soldiers to cope with therefore my middle name stuck. i'm ex army and an ex roadie. I love metal and old school punk and goth and early 80's synth stuff (ultravox, yazoo,depeche mode etc). i support Aston Villa,Barcelona and Roma. massive fan of baseball( blue jays) and speedway (coventry bees). i have a degree in psychology and another in astronomy( both open uni). I am metallicas biggest fan,having seen them live over 300 times since 1985. Am a total sci-fi nut, star wars,star trek,stargate etc. I watch far too much family guy and american dad and am a huge fan of The Big Yin, dennis leary,chris rock,jim jeffries and bill hicks,amongst others. fav films are Star wars,spinal tap,underworld etc etc. Finally i beleive Ozzy/sabbath and lemmy and james hetfield are gods amongst men, as is Dio and rob halford. i think that's enough garbage for now :) Chris.