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Tem / Jun 08, 2017

With a whole bunch of holidays and RL commitments we had very little progress time over the last couple of weeks, but two halves of evenings and with a bit of tinkering of P3 tactics this trio hit the sack.On to Augur and soon, the Tomb!

Tem / May 12, 2017

Last week saw us get the kill on mythic Aluriel on our second full night of progress. We re-cleared her this week on night one and then spent the rest of that night and last night on Tichondrius. After a little bit of a painful spree of silly mist...

Tem / Apr 21, 2017

Having managed to get an hour on Krosus on Weds and with the joy of having 20+ signed and ready for Thus, we spent another evening facing the oversized bridge-demon. After a few promising early pulls we suffered a little from pitch and exploding e...